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It all starts with an image

The first part of my process begins with an image.


Here is a look into my most recent macro abstract rust series on metal. This image reveals a stunning contrast between nature and contemporary decay.


On its own this image is intriguing and intricate, but elevating things a bit further, I will hand-make a sleek contrasting frame for this piece.


"Maps" 2020, a macro abstract of rust and paint

The perfect frame

After I find the perfect image, it needs the perfect frame.

Using raw, industrial steel found in junk piles and steel yards, I upcycle this metal by hand-cutting and welding pieces together  creating the ideal frame size. Next, the fun begins. 


Depending on what I feel will most compliment my image, I will either polish, rust, distress or patina the frame, completing its look. No two frames are alike.


Welding the back of a metal frame in the shop

A finished piece

When the backing is completed, it's time to mount the stunning image to the perfect frame.


On the back of the piece, I use an interlocking cleat mount system for easy hanging on the wall.

The finished piece is then signed by me and assigned a limited edition number. All that's left is finding the perfect home.


"Maps" , in its completed stage

Finding the perfect home



Do you have a unique space or color scheme? Want to go big or small? 

My work can be completely customized to your preferences.


I can accommodate any size or unique space. I can also offer one-of-kind originals for your home or commercial space. 

rust wall.jpg

"Maps", stunningly showcased in a cozy living room

Creating in action




My process is constantly changing with every new project I create. Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to stay updated on my newest works.

Thanks for checking it out!


rust wall.jpg

Josh in action

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